Astrolabe Catalogue


Front of astrolabe without rete or plates. Click to enlarge
Date ca. 1600
Maker Philippe Danfrie (?)
Place Paris (?)
Material Brass
Inventory no. 35082
Acquisition Presented by Lewis Evans in 1924


The throne is of the simple, engraved type . The throne is attached with a integrated base. The throne is an extension of the limb. It is decorated with foliate engraving.


The ring is of the simple, round cross-section type (i.e. simple plain ring made from a round rod or piece of metal). It has slight indentation on exterior surface, perhaps from the bending it into a circle


Shackle of the omega type (i.e. Ω-shaped shackle). This shackle is simply a band of metal that has been bent into an inverted U shape. It is decorated with engraved lines resembling the petals of a flower.


The mater and limb are of one-piece construction. The limb is an extension of the single plate that forms the body of the instrument. Scales on the limb:
Type Range & Units Numbered Geometry Location
Equal hours 1 - 12 Times of day Every 1 hours Circular, concentric outer
Degree 0 - 90 Degrees Every 5 degrees Circular, concentric outer2


The womb is the only plate for this astrolabe. Judging by the location of the equator, the latitude is closer to 49°. The vestige of a large shadow square is visible in the lower half. The womb is inscribed:
Content Translation Notes Type
48 48° Latitude
Orient East Direction
Occident West Direction


Divisions Labelled Style
Divided every 2° from 0° to 90° Labelled every 2° with   (Modern) numerals Plain line.


Divisions Labelled Style
Divided every 2°  Labelled every 5° with   (Modern) numerals Plain line.


Type Labelled Style Notes
Equator Æquinoctialis (Latin in Italic script) Plain line.
Tropic of Cancer Tropicus Cancri (Latin in Italic script) Plain line.
Tropic of Capricorn Tropicus Capricorni (Latin in Italic script) Plain line.


Type Labelled Description
Meridian line
Horizon rectus Horizon Rectus (Latin in Italic script)
Crepuscule Lina Aurore Sive Crepuscullinæ (Latin in Italic script)
Horizon obliquus Horizon Obliquus (Latin in Italic script)
Unequal hours Numbered (Numbers in Numbers, stamped script) (Modern), Plain line style.
Horoscopic (great) houses Numbered (Numbers in Numbers, stamped script) (Modern), Hatched line style.
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