Qibla Indicator for over 30 cities

Lines of Faith
Sacred Direction

"Turn then thy face towards the Sacred Mosque;
wherever ye be, turn your faces towards it" (2.144)

Central to Muslim life is to know the direction of the Ka'aba - a holy shrine in the city of Mecca. This "sacred direction", the Qibla, is faced during all ritual acts, such as prayer.

The earliest qibla-indicator was the road taken by pilgrims to Mecca, but when the astronomical alignments of the Ka'aba were established, the Qibla could be found by observation of the movement of certain stars, or the sun. As the Islamic world became sophisticated in the fields of astronomy, geography and mathematics, techniques based on trigonometric formulae provided the required direction. One of the greatest achievements in determining the qibla was the work of al-Khalili, who produced a method of determining the Qibla based on spherical trigonometry.

Such knowledge led to the creation of instruments such as qibla-indicators and pin-gnomon dials, which codified complex astronomical information and mathematics. Using such instruments, with basic local geographical knowledge a relatively uneducated person could accurately find the Qibla for any location in the Islamic world.

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