Back of an Islamic Astrolabe showing two prayer time lines

Lines of Faith
Credits, Thanks, and Comments
for the Exhibition

This exhibition was conceived, designed, and produced by the students on the 1998 Museum of the History of Science M.Sc. course, with the help of the Museum staff. The students are:

  • Jan Tapdrup, Denmark
  • Dana Freiburger, United States
  • Thierry Lalande, France
  • Rebecca Lancaster, UK
  • Enda Leaney, Ireland
  • Owain Davies, Wales
  • Terje Brundtland, Norway

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the following people and institutions who were of great assistance in producing this exhibition:

  • Silke Ackermann, The British Museum, London
  • Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Oxford University
  • Oriental Institute, Oxford University
  • David A. King, Institute for the History of Science, Frankfurt

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