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Small Worlds: the art of the invisible is an exhibition of the miniature world of microscopic specimens, revealing the strange and wonderful contents of the Museum’s collection of some ten thousand slides. Over three-quarters of these are contained in a single cabinet on permanent loan from the Royal Microscopical Society, with specimens prepared between 1860 and 1930. Faced with the challenging task of mounting an engaging display of so many tiny exhibits, the Museum staff collaborated with artist Heather Barnett and performance poet Will Holloway to create ‘Small Worlds’, an exhibition in an unusual range of media - images, objects, film, animation, curtains, wallpaper and poetry.

‘Small Worlds’ is the culmination of a year-long project for cataloguing the Museum’s collections of microscopes and microscopical specimens. The project and exhibition are funded by the Designation Challenge Fund, part of the ‘Renaissance’ programme of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.

The gallery version of the ‘Small Worlds’ exhibition runs from 31 October 2007 to 6 April 2008.

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The Swollen Epitheme
Epithemia turgida
Row I Object 1

The Gibbous Cudgel
Rhopalodia gibba
Row I Object 2

The Comb-toothed Bestback
Eunotia pectinalis
Row I Object 3

The Serrated Bestback
Eunotia serra
Row I Object 4

The Ant-like Bestback
Eunotia formica
Row I Object 5

Hanna's Archway
Hannaea arcus
Row I Object 6

The Circular Zenith
Meridion circulare
Row I Object 7

The Necklaced Ladderwedge
Climacosphenia moniligera
Row I Object 8

The Budding Sceptre-nymph
Sceptroneis gemmata
Row I Object 9

The Common Diatom
Diatoma vulgare
Row I Object 10

The Wintry Diatom
Diatoma hiemale
Row I Object 11

The Greenish Delicacy
Fragilaria virescens
Row I Object 12

The Cappuccino Delicacy
Fragilaria capucina
Row I Object 13

The Two Foot Congregant
Synedra ulna
Row I Object 14

The Fathead Congregant
Synedra capitata
Row I Object 15

The Tufty Tablet
Tabellaria flocculosa
Row II Object 1

The Marine Letter-stalk
Grammatophora marina
Row II Object 2

The Oceanic Letter-stalk
Grammatophora oceanica
Row II Object 3

The Arching Threadwand
Rhabdonema arcuatum
Row II Object 4

The Musical Delight
Terpsinoe musica
Row II Object 5

The American Delight
Terpsinoe americana
Row II Object 6

The Double-rowed Surirella
Surirella biseriata
Row II Object 7

The Norwegian Surirella
Surirella norvegica
Row II Object 8

The Splendid Surirella
Surirella splendida
Row II Object 9

The Thinstriped Surirella
Surirella striatula
Row II Object 10

The Ovate Surirella
Surirella ovata
Row II Object 11

The Spiral Curvydisc
Campylodiscus spiralis
Row II Object 12

The Roundshield Curvydisc
Campylodiscus clypeus
Row II Object 13

The Sharpsandal Floretflank
Cymatopleura solea
Row II Object 14

The Elliptical Floretflank
Cymatopleura elliptica
Row II Object 15

The Slender Denticle
Denticula tenuis
Row III Object 1

The Victorian Goblet
Tryblionella victoriae
Row III Object 2

Hantzsch's Double-prong
Hantzschia amphioxys
Row III Object 3

The Hungarian Goblet
Tryblionella hungarica
Row III Object 4

Nitzsch's Ant
Nitzschia formica
Row III Object 5

Greville's Curly-nymph
Campyloneis grevillei
Row III Object 6

The Splendid Gluebreast
Mastogloia splendida
Row III Object 7

The Escutcheon Berry-nymph
Cocconeis scutellum
Row III Object 8

The Pediculous Berry-nymph
Cocconeis pediculus
Row III Object 9

Braun's Gluebreast
Mastogloia braunii
Row III Object 10

The Shortfooted Foamflower
Achnanthes brevipes
Row III Object 11

The Flexible Bestberry-nymph
Eucocconeis flexella
Row III Object 12

The Curved Crookwedge
Rhoicosphenia curvata
Row III Object 13

The Average Bridge
Gephyria media
Row III Object 14

Ehrenberg's Gravyboat
Cymbella ehrenbergii
Row III Object 15

The Pot-bellied Gravyboat
Cymbella gastroides
Row III Object 16

The Lancing Berrythread
Cymbella lanceolata
Row III Object 17

The Oval Amphora
Amphora ovalis
Row III Object 18

The Budding Twinwedge
Didymosphenia geminata
Row III Object 19

The Tapering Nailthread
Gomphonema acuminatum
Row III Object 20

The Sturdy Nailthread
Gomphonema robustum
Row III Object 21

The Noble Featherlet
Pinnularia nobilis
Row IV Object 1

The Greater Coracle
Navicula major
Row IV Object 2

The Green Featherlet
Pinnularia viridis
Row IV Object 3

The Gibbous Featherlet
Pinnularia gibba
Row IV Object 4

The Oblong Coracle
Navicula oblonga
Row IV Object 5

The Lutenist Coracle
Navicula lyra
Row IV Object 6

The Twin Coracle
Navicula didyma
Row IV Object 7

The Square Coracle
Navicula quadrata
Row IV Object 8

The Solid Coracle
Navicula firma
Row IV Object 9

The Globe-stalked Lawless Dawn-nymph
Anomoeoneis sphaerophora
Row IV Object 10

The Tupperware Shortrope
Brachysira serians
Row IV Object 11

The Swollen Bentside
Scoliopleura tumida
Row IV Object 12

The Long Thin Spinsquiggle
Gyrosigma attenuatum
Row IV Object 13

The Javanese Sidecross
Pleurostaurum javanicum
Row IV Object 14

The Crimson-bellied Cross-nymph
Stauroneis phoenicicenteron
Row IV Object 15

The Interglacial Coracle
Navicula interglacialis
Row IV Object 16

The Internal Crusader
Endostaurum crucigerum
Row IV Object 17

The Winged Insect-nymph
Entomoneis alata
Row IV Object 18

The Double-horned Seam-nymph
Rhaphoneis amphiceros
Row IV Object 19

Biddulph's Cutie
Biddulphia pulchella
Row V Object 1

The Rhomboid Toothette
Odontella rhombus
Row V Object 2

Smith's Hornpipe
Cerataulus smithii
Row V Object 3

The Honeycomb Tricorn
Triceratium favus
Row V Object 4

Biddulph's Pinstripe
Biddulphia striolata
Row V Object 5

The Queenly Threepearl
Trinacria regina
Row V Object 6

The Hollow Threepearl
Trinacria excavata
Row V Object 7

The Blameless Throne
Solium exculptum
Row V Object 8

The Winged Halfpipe
Hemiaulus alatus
Row V Object 9

The Elegant Karen
Corinna elegans
Row V Object 10

The All-seeing Furrowdisc
Aulacodiscus argus
Row VI Object 1

The Rayed Furrowdisc
Eupodiscus radiatus
Row VI Object 2

The Eightfold Ray-cycle
Actinocyclus octonarius
Row VI Object 3

The Cross Furrowdisc
Aulacodiscus crux
Row VI Object 4

The Engraved Piccolo
Auliscus sculptus
Row VI Object 5

The Subtle Toothdisc
Odontodiscus subtilis
Row VI Object 6

The Ornate Spiderdisc
Arachnoidiscus ornatus
Row VI Object 7

The Iris Colander
Coscinodiscus oculus-iridis
Row VI Object 8

The Oceanic Endyctia
Endyctia oceanica
Row VII Object 1

The Shiny Raygroove
Actinoptychus splendens
Row VII Object 2

The Sixfold Raygroove
Actinoptychus senarius
Row VII Object 3

The Crucial Pocket Compass
Pyxidicula cruciata
Row VII Object 4

The Tasselled Crown Compass
Stephanopyxis appendiculata
Row VII Object 5

The Subtle Crystaldisc
Hyalodiscus subtilis
Row VII Object 6

The Trinity Symbol-stalk
Symbolophora trinitatis
Row VII Object 7

The Starry Crowndisc
Stephanodiscus astraea
Row VII Object 8

The Star-bellied Footcord
Podosira stelligera
Row VII Object 9

The Variable Honeycord
Melosira varians
Row VII Object 10

The Small Changed Honeycord
Melosira nummuloides
Row VII Object 11

Ellerbeck's Grain of Sand
Ellerbeckia arenaria
Row VII Object 12