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Videos have been created to exhibit the museum, its objects and all the people involved. We present a selection here that were produced in-house.

Featured video: The Iron Genie

Visual artist Anita Chowdry exhibited her Iron Genie sculpture in the Museum of the History of Science, 8 July – 21 September 2014. It is inspired by the harmonograph, a 19th-century drawing device. This film shows how the Iron Genie is designed, constructed and operated, and reveals some 19th-century ‘spiraloid curves’ from the Museum’s archive.

Introductions to the Museum, Some Objects and Exhibitions

  • Animate It – short video demonstrations of a number of working objects from the museum’s collection
  • The Museum of the History of Science: An Introduction – Short video presented by Jim Bennett, Director of the Museum of the History of Science, looking into the history of the museum and some of its curiosities.
  • Einstein’s Blackboard – Jim Bennett talks about one of the museum’s prized exhibits, a blackboard Albert Einstein used in a lecture he gave to the university in 1931.
  • Steampunk – A couple of films from the world’s first museum exhibition of Steampunk art, including interviews with Art Donovan, the curator, and Jim Bennett, Museum Director as well as tours of the exhibition space.
  • Eccentricity – This film, produced by The Film and Video Company (, sheds light on unexpected objects and irregular behaviour.
  • Fancy Names & Fun Toys — see in action the thaumatrope, zoetrope, flipbooks, kinora and filoscope.

Video demonstrations

Guest Presentations

  • Radio Manufacturing in the Interwar Years – Professor Peter Scott (University of Reading) presents the inaugural Douglas Byrne Marconi Lecture based on his research on Marconi and radio manufacturing between the World Wars.