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Marconi Crystal Receiver Type 31, by Marconi Company, London, c. 1910

Inventory Number: 98216

98216-2t 98216-1t

Date: c. 1910

Maker Details: Signed by Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd.

Inscription: "MARCONI'S WIRELESS / TELEGRAPH CO. LTD. / [SERIAL NUMBER ERASED] LONDON" engraved on ebonite surface on shallow teak plinth.

Size: 340 x 170 x 45 mm (excluding condenser and detectors)

Materials: Bakelite?, ebonite, teak, brass, steel?, metal.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 46.


Marconi Crystal Receiver Type 31 pattern without jigger. Condenser (with scale 0-6) and two detectors mounted as in Types 31A-31C on ebonite-surfaced shallow teak plinth, along with steel? terminals marked "TELEPHONE", "CRYSTALS", BATTERY", "JIGGER" and "BATTERY / + 0 -".

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