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All-Wave Super 6 Radiogram, by GEC, England, 1937

Inventory Number: 97710

Date: 1937

Maker Details: Signed by GEC.

Inscription: "G. E. C. [LOGO] / MADE IN ENGLAND" printed on tuning panel. See Documents for other inscriptions.

Size: 810 x 480 x 780 mm

Materials: Walnut, glass, plastic, nylon?, brass, assorted metals.


A.C. All-Wave Super 6 Radiogram, Cat. No. BC3868 with a record player, radio, and a speaker. In walnut cabinet with flush mounted deck without dust-traps. Six-valve (including rectifier) three-band superhet radio chassis with preselector H. F. stage, covering long, medium and short (16-51 meters) wavebands. With chromoscopic dial, station calibration on all ranges, tuneray indicator, rotavernier microtuner. Cloth cover on back of main body slightly torn.

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