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'Marconi' Universal Aircraft Telegraph Transmitter/Receiver Type AD6D, by Marconi Company, London, c. 1928

Inventory Number: 94461

94461-1t 94461-2t

Date: c. 1928

Maker Details: Signed by Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd.

Inscription: "...MARCONI'S WIRELESS TELEGRAPH CO. LTD. LONDON" printed on metal plaque upon vertical panel of transmitter. See Documents for other inscriptions.

Size: 320 x 490 x 210 mm (case)

Materials: Mahogany, bakelite, steel, ebonite, glass, assorted metals.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 146.


'Marconi' Universal Aircraft Telegraph Transmitter/Receiver Type AD6D, with five-receiver'>valve receiver, transmitter, half-moon glass-faced D.C. milliammeter (scale 0-150) and assorted external plugs and terminals, mounted vertically in a mahogany case, probably missing front panel. Receiver has slots for five V24 valves, along with bakelite dials, two marked ATI and one marked Filament, and terminals for power (High Tension and Low Tension), communications and headphones (marked with celluloid plaque), all upon vertical ebonite panel. Transmitter has sliding potentiometer, mounts for two valves, two bakelite dials, marked Variometer (scale 0-180) and Reaction (scale 1-13), with 13 plugholes, and tuning unit below. External plugs and terminals include ones for Aerial, Earth and send/receive switch, all mounted on external surface of case. Object is slightly damaged and has been clearly well used.

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