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Ink-Writer, by General Post Office, England, c. 1900

Inventory Number: 87203

87203-2t 87203-1t 87203-3t

Date: c. 1900

Maker Details: Signed by the General Post Office.

Inscription: "G.P.O. 508" stamped on top surface.

Size: 310 x 280 x 280 mm (total height)

Materials: Mahogany, brass, glass, paper.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 30.


Ink-writer, with lacquered brass mechanism on mahogany base with horizontal spools in two fitted drawers at rear. On top is clockwork motor, the key of which can be seen. This motor causes the paper tape to pass under a smooth brass plate which takes the pressure of the inking appliance. This appliance is motivated by impulses from the wireless receiver. This impulse could be long or short according to whether the wireless signal was a dot or dash. Further apparatus added more degrees of control: a handle marked 'slow' and 'fast', a dial marked M and S with scales 0-40, with inkwell. On top mahogany surface are two brass plaques marked '100'. On the front of the surface are six brass terminals marked T, D (in circle), D, S, U (in circle), U, M. The middle three are controlled by a pair of terminals. On lower mahogany surface is circular glass window revealing interior of upper paper spool drawer.

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