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Large Cylindrical Leyden Jar, 1900

Inventory Number: 85146

85146-2t 85146-1t

Date: 1900

Maker Details: Unknown

Inscription: None

Size: 685 mm in height

Materials: Glass, teak?, brass.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 33, ITEM10 (cream tag).


Large Cylindrical Leyden Jar, with teak? top and brass rod contact.

This is an example of a cylindrical Leyden jar, used by Marconi during his early experiments in the development of the tuned transmitter. A Leyden jar is a device that early experimenters used to help build and store electric energy. It was also referred to as a 'condenser' because many people thought of electricity as fluid or matter that could be condensed. Nowadays someone familiar with electrical terminology would call it a capacitor.

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