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Aircraft Wireless Telephone Transmitter Type AD1, by Marconi Company, England, 1921

Inventory Number: 81229

81229-1t 81229-3t 81229-2t

Date: 1921

Maker Details: Signed by Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd.

Inscription: "MARCONI'S WIRELESS TELEGRAPH CO. LTD. / TYPE A.D.1 No. 253 / AIRCRAFT DEPARTMENT" printed on brass plaque on lower section of case.

Size: 235 x 220 x 170 mm (case)

Materials: Wood, linen, steel, bakelite, ebonite, brass, glass, assorted metals.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 143, 28 AD 1 (white sticker label).


Aircraft Wireless Telephone Transmitter Type AD1, in varnished linen-covered wooden case, with removable front panel. With transformers, aerial coil (including variometer and automatic send/receive switch), and two Marconi MT3E valves within interior. With two speakers and cast-brass? terminals upon upper exterior surface of case. With two-pin plugholes marked "SIDE TONE / PLUG" and "ARM: FLD:", battery terminals (marked "+H.T.", "-COM.", "+L.T.", "MIC"), and seven red wooden terminals on side exterior surfaces. Previously associated with Instruction Booklet For Aircraft Wireless Telephone Transmitter Type AD1 (Inv. Num. 50711).

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