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Marconi Radio Valve Type D42, by Marconiphone Company, England, 20th Century

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After World War I, the Marconi Company began producing non-industrial receivers, principally for the amateur market, at the Soho premises of The Marconi Scientific Instrument Company. In 1922, the Marconi Company formed the 'Marconiphone' department, to design, manufacture and sell domestic receiving equipment. This equipment complied with Post Office specifications and tests, and was therefore awarded the BBC authorisation stamp; initially sets were made at the Chelmsford Works. In December 1923, the 'Marconiphone' department was formed as a subsidiary of the Marconi Company. Some Marconiphone Company sets were made at the Sterling Telephone Company (STC) Works at Dagenham. However, design and research of these domestic receivers still continued at Chelmsford. In 1929, the Marconiphone was sold to the Gramophone Company, along with the right to use the trademark 'Marconiphone' and the copyright signature 'G. Marconi' on domestic receivers. Hence, many domestic receivers were produced bearing the Marconiphone trademark, but the ones manufactured after 1929 had no connection with the Marconi Company.

Document Type: Miscellaneous Note

Document Heading: Historical Background - British Radio Valve Manufacturers' Association (BVA)


The British Radio Valve Manufacturers' Association (BVA) was established in July 1926 and was a registered trade union. It had been preceded by the Valve Manufacturers' Association, which had established a 'Memorandum of Sales Plan'. This agreement, which was signed by the seven major British valve manufacturers, secured a uniform practice in the sale of radio valves for broadcasting purposes in the UK. Practical examples included similar discounts and sales conditions, and were considered a form of restrictive practice. This association continued into the 1950s.

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