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Signal Hall Kite, by G.C. Spencer & Sons, London, c. 1901

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This is one of two kits preserved from the 1901 transatlantic signal; they were used to raise aerial wires at Signal Hill, Newfoundland. G.S. Kemp, in the typescript volume of his diary extracts, illustrates one of the kits as it then was (in the 1920s); it was already looking old, although not as delicate as it is now.

This is one of the Baden-Powell six-sided linen kites with a central bamboo pole and two cross poles. It was used to raise the aerial wires at Signal Hill Marconi Station in Newfoundland during the experiments in Transatlantic wireless transmission. According to Marconi's description of the kites he took to Newfoundland they measured "Nine feet by Seven feet". We cannot be sure which points his measurements were between.

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