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Signal Hall Kite, by G.C. Spencer & Sons, London, c. 1901

Inventory Number: 74328

74328-2t 74328-1t

Date: c. 1901

Maker Details: Made by G.C. Spencer & Sons.

Inscription: "G.C.SPENCER & SONS / BALLOON MAKERS / HOLLOWAY LONDON N" stencilled on part of cloth surface of kite.

Size: 275 mm x 270 mm (approximately)

Materials: Linen

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 79, Science Museum Loan 1925-638.


Signal Hall Kite: a linen cloth six-sided kite missing central bamboo pole and two cross poles. With maker's name (G.C. Spencer & Sons Balloon Makers) stencilled in large print on cloth surface. Cloth slightly torn. With later storage box.

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