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Assorted Spare Parts For Radio Receiver Type BC342N, by Chicago Transformer Corporation, USA, 1940s

Inventory Number: 72568

72568-2t 72568-1t

Date: 1940s

Maker Details: Signed by Chicago Transformer Corporation.

Inscription: "CHICAGO / TRANSFORMER / CORPORATION / SC / 781 / A" stamped on exterior surface of polygonal transformer. See Documents for other inscriptions.

Size: Assorted sizes.

Materials: Glass, brass, steel, bakelite, assorted metals.


Assorted Spare Parts For Radio Receiver Type BC342N, with brass geared cog (48 mm dia), black polished bakelite knob (40 mm dia), metal and glass display window (130 mm x 75 mm), black metal polygonal transformer, black metal rectangular transformer, rectangular steel metal guard with brass geared cog, brass geared cog with frame and adapter, and circular calculation device (170 mm dia).

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