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Capacitor, by W.G. Pye & Company, Cambridge, Early 20th Century

Inventory Number: 72410

72410-1t 72410-2t

Date: Early 20th Century

Maker Details: Signed by W.G. Pye & Co.

Inscription: "W.G.PYE & CO. / ENG. CAMBRIDGE / M.F.D. / No 7315" printed on upper exterior surface.

Size: 190 x 165 x 100 mm (height excluding dials)

Materials: Teak?, plastic?, nickel, ebonite.


Capacitor, with ebonite upper surface upon teak? case. With two smaller brown plastic? dials with nickelled bases upon upper surface, along with larger capacitor tuning dial (scale 0-10 milli-farads).

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