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Replica Memorial Plaque Of South WellFleet Station (USA), USA, Late 20th Century

Inventory Number: 71856

71856-2t 71856-1t

Date: Late 20th Century

Maker Details: Unknown

Inscription: "DW 1214" printed on rear of plaque. See Documents for other inscriptions.

Size: 610 mm (width) x 550 mm (height)

Materials: Cast metal.


Replica Memorial Plaque Of South WellFleet Station (USA), made of cast iron with mock bronze sections and engraved image of South WellFleet station, as it looked in 1903. This is a replica, most likely from the late 20th century, of the memorial plaque which was at the South Wellfleet station at Cape Cod, USA. The plaque is engraved with the following text: 'Site of first American Transatlantic radio telegraph station built by Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America, predecessors of R.C.A. in 1902. Through this station was transmitted on January 1903 the first American Transatlantic radiogram. It was addressed to Edward VII King of England by Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States of America'.

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