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Marconi Five-Valve Receiver, by Marconi Company, London, 1922

Inventory Number: 71494

57736-71494-1t 71494-1t 71494-3t 71494-2t

Date: 1922

Maker Details: Signed by the Marconi Scientific Instrument Co. Ltd.

Inscription: "THE MARCONI / SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENT CO. LTD. / LONDON / REG. P.O.NO 0502 / NO 765" on sloping vertical panel.

Size: 500 x 430 x 300 mm

Materials: Teak, ebonite?, bakelite?, copper.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 172.


Marconi Five-receiver'>Valve Receiver, with contacts for five D.E.V. valves (marked "H.F.", "H.F." "RECTIFIER" and "NOTE MAGNIFIERS"). With anode and aerial inductance dials (both scales 1-10), two aerial tuning condenser knobs (both scales 0-90), and other assorted bakelite? and ebonite dials. Assorted dials include potentiometer H.F. valves (missing), filament h.f. valves, detector filament, note magnifier filaments, reaction coupling (all scales 0-50); additional switches for note magnifiers (0,1,2), output (phones, loud speaker), on/off switch and valve switch (1,2). Controls are on sloping ebonite? vertical panel with two 'phones sockets, and is enclosed by doors in teak case. With holes for missing terminals on top; plugs on side for High Tension battery and Low Tension accumulator and connections for Loudspeaker. One potentiometer detached, lacking valves and external terminals. Previously associated and catalogued with Potentiometer For Marconi Five-receiver'>Valve Receiver (Inv. Num. 57736).

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