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Receiver Type R1155A, by Air Ministry, c. 1940

Inventory Number: 68465

27685-68465-79145-1t 68465-2t 68465-1t

Date: c. 1940

Maker Details: Signed by Air Ministry.

Inscription: "RECEIVER / TYPE R1155A / REF. NO 10 D/820 / A. M. [AIR MINISTRY LOGO] / SERIAL NO 39796" on metal plaque below tuning dial.

Size: 410 x 230 x 200 mm

Materials: Aluminium, bakelite?, perspex?, steel.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 151, 874/3 (white tag).


Receiver Type R1155A, in black crinkle-finish aluminium case, with filters fitted to prevent interference from MF transmitters (hence designation model A). Receiver includes older style bakelite? tuning dial with perspex? half-moon multiscale display. Tuning dial is different to that of post-R1155A models as tests revealed the original dial was difficult to tune at high altitudes due to the operators' gloves. Other dials and knobs include those for meter balance, filter, meter amplitude, het. adj., tuning indicator, meter deflection (LOW, HIGH), aural sense (L to R), switch speed, balance (0, AVC, BALANCE, VISUAL, INFINITY), het, volume and wavelength? (18/7.5, 7.5/3.0, 1500/600, 500/200, 200/75). Receiver also includes plugs from transmitter and loop aerial, and to visual indicator. With steel handles on front vertical surface. Previously catalogued with Marconi Receiver Type AD8882B (Inv. Num. 27685), Transmitter Type AD87B (Inv. Num. 79145).

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