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Tuning Condenser, by Marconi Company, England, c. 1916

Inventory Number: 66117

66117-2t 20696-66117-2t 66117-1t 20696-66117-1t

Date: c. 1916

Maker Details: Signed by Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd.

Inscription: "MARCONI'S WIRELESS / TELEGRAPH CO LTD / No 192353 / PATENT No 5371/15 / .0003 CAPy. / APPROX." printed on celluloid dial, upon upper surface.

Size: 170 mm (in diameter) x 135 mm (in total height)

Materials: Brass, ebonite, celluloid.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 160.


Tuning Condenser, with 0.0003 capacity, in circular japanned and lacquered brass case. With celluloid scale (scale 0-10) upon ebonite surface, with brass terminals and further ebonite dial on brass base over celluloid base. Previously catalogued with other, similar Tuning Condenser (Inv. Num. 20696).

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