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Porcelain Insulators, 20th Century

Inventory Number: 64661

64661-1t 64661-6t 64661-4t 64661-3t 64661-5t 64661-5at 64661-5bt 64661-2t

Date: 20th Century

Maker Details: Unknown

Inscription: None

Size: Insulated rod: 325 mm (in height) x 40 mm (in circumference); Conical insulator: 60 mm (in height) x 60 mm (in base diameter); Pillar insulators: 180 mm (in height) x 60 mm (in diameter); Aerial lead-in: 602 mm (in length) x 205 mm (in circumference)

Materials: Porcelain, brass, steel?, ebonite.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 219, Science Museum Loan 1960-260, 864 /7 (white tag), 140 (other white tag), Science Museum Loan 1960-262.


Porcelain Insulators: ebonite insulated rod, small conical insulator, four ribbed pillar insulators, and larger lead-in'>aerial lead-in with lacquered brass fittings at either end.

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