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Ship's Bridge Telephone, Early 20th Century

Inventory Number: 57185

57185-72842-2t 57185-3t 57185-2t 57185-1t 57185-72842-1t

Date: Early 20th Century

Maker Details: Unknown

Inscription: "ZE C MC L" printed on edge of side, under lid.

Size: 140 x 120 x 85 mm (case including speaker)

Materials: Mahogany?, nickel, bakelite?, plastic, assorted metals.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 121, Science Museum Loan 1959-235, 833/2 (white tag).


Ship's Bridge Telephone, with nickel-plated bell, and speaker in wall-mounting lidded mahogany? case. Missing hook and receiver with mouthpiece. Lid opens to reveal interior, including printed circuit diagram stuck to interior surface of lid. Interior includes mulitple nickel-plated terminals and components, plastic-covered resistor, two plastic-wrapped coils and assorted wires. "ZE C MC L" printed on part of case possibly stands for 'Zinc Electrode Carbon Microphone Line'. Previously catalogued and associated with matching Ship's Bridge Telephone (Inv. Num. 72842).

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