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Exhibition Medal Esposizione Internazionale, by Giannino, Milan, 1956

Inventory Number: 53696

34377-40508-53696-72905-2t 53696-1t 53696-2t 34377-40508-53696-72905-1t

Date: Dated 1956

Maker Details: Signed by Giannino.

Inscription: "ESPOSIZIONE / INTERNAZIONALE / MILANO 1956" on obverse. "LABOR / SCIENTIAE AUXILIO / GLORIAM CONSEQUITOR / Giannino / 1956" on reverse.

Size: 60 mm in diameter

Materials: Gilt metal.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 972.


Exhibition Medal Esposizione Internazionale: gilt metal circular medal produced to commemorate the 1956 Esposizione Internazionale held in Milan. Face of medal shows the exhibition buildings in Milan. Reverse shows naked forms, that of goddess-like figure of science congratulaing god-like figure of labour (holding hammer). Previously catalogued with a collection of other medallions (Inv. Num.s 72905, 34377, 40508).

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