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Wireless Telegraphy Notice, Britain, Mid 20th Century

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"[COAT OF ARMS] / WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY. / ----------- / Secrecy as to contents of / Radiotelegrams / ----------- / The Post Office (Protection) Act of 1884 (Section II) enacts as / follows :- / Every person who forges or wilfully and without due authority alters a telegram / or utters a telegram knowing the same to be forged, or wilfully and without due / authority altered, or who transmits by telegraph as a telegram, or utters as a telegram, / any message or communication which he knows to be not a telegram, shall, whether / he had, or had not an intent to defraud, be guilty of misdemeanour, and shall be / liable, on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding ten pounds, and, on conviction / on indictment, to imprisonment with or without hard labour for a period not / exceeding twelve months. / If any person being in the employment of a telegraph company as defined by this / section- / Improperly divulges to any person the purport of any telegram; such person shall / be guilty of a misdemeanour and be liable on summary conviction to a fine not / exceeding twenty pounds, and on conviction on indictment to imprisonment, with / or without hard labour, for a term not exceeding one year, or to a fine not exceeding / two hundred pounds. / For the purposes of this section the expression 'telegram' means a written or / printed message or communication sent or delivered at a post office, or to the office / of a telegraph company, for transmission by telegraph, or delivered by the post office / or a telegraph company as a message, or communication transmitted by telegraph. / The expression 'telegraph company' means any company, corporation, or persons / carrying on the business of sending telegrams for the public under whatever / authority or in whatever manner such company, corporation, or persons may act / or be constituted. / The expression 'telegraph' has the same meaning as in 'the Telegraph Act, 1869,' / and the Acts amending the same. / -------------------------------------------------------------------------- / This Section applies equally to Radiotelegrams and to any Em- / ployees of a Shipping or Aircraft Company having access to them. / Wt. 76364 Gp. 544 K 607" printed on paper of document.

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