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Marconi Aerial Tuning Inductance Coil, by Marconi Company, England, 1910

Inventory Number: 47154

47154-67687-2t 47154-1t 47154-67687-1t 47154-2t

Date: 1910

Maker Details: Attributed to Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd.

Inscription: None

Size: 210 mm (in diameter) x 270mm (in height)

Materials: Copper, nickel, teak?, brass.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 43.


Marconi Aerial Tuning Inductance Coil, for use with Marconi Crystal Receiver Type 31C. Cylindrical shape consists of winding of insulated copper wire fitted with brass adjustable slide contact. One end of winding and slide contact connected to pair of nickel-plated terminals mounted on teak? top of receiver. Winding constitutes an adjustable aerial tuning inductance that forms part of aerial circuit of the receiving system. Previously associated and catalogued with Marconi Crystal Type Receiver Type 31C (Inv. Num. 67687).

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