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Short Distance Wireless Telephone Set Type TT2, by Marconi Company, London, c. 1920

Inventory Number: 46879

46879-2t 46879-1t

Date: c. 1920

Maker Details: Signed by Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd.

Inscription: "MARCONI'S WIRELESS / TELEGRAPH CO. LTD. / No175707 LONDON" etched on exterior surface of front vertical panel. "MILLIAMPERES / VULCAN" printed on interior of ammeter face.

Size: 530 x 220 x 320 mm (case)

Materials: Teak, ebonite, bakelite, glass, brass, assorted metals.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 54.


Short Distance Wireless Telephone Set Type TT2, with ebonite vertical front panel in teak case. With three DEV valves, potentiometer sliding condenser (scale 0-6), Vulcan glass-fronted halfmoon ammeter (scale 0-500milliamperes), and assorted bakelite controls: aerial tuning dial (scale 0-180), receiver reaction coil (scale -90,0,90), transmitter reaction coil sliding control, aerial coupling coil sliding control, send/receive switch, all upon front vertical ebonite panel. With seven lacquered brass terminals (five marked for power, two marked "MICROPHONE"), large Post Office-type glass bulb valve with red bakelite apron, and unmarked sliding control upon upper exterior surface of case. With lacquered brass aerial and earth terminals upon left-hand side of case exterior surface, and dual lacquered brass telephone terminals upon right-hand side of case exterior surface. With detached lacquered brass terminal. With associated photocopied article.

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