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Short Wave Tuner & Amplifier No. 17, by Robert W. Paul, London, c. 1915

Inventory Number: 44893

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Date: c. 1915

Maker Details: Signed by Robert W. Paul.

Inscription: "TUNER & AMPLIFIER / SHORT WAVE / 17 / Robt. W. Paul. London.N" etched on upper surface

Size: 340 x 300 x 185 mm (lid closed)

Materials: Mahogany, ebonite, bakelite?, brass.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 52.


Short Wave Tuner & Amplifier No. 17, made by London-based scientific instrument maker Robert W. Paul. With valve socket, provision for carborundum and Perikon detectors, detector switch (carborundum, valve, perikon), buzzer (with lock key), potentiometer dial, circuit inductance dial (scale 1-5), aerial tuner inductance (scale 1-19), reactance dial, aerial condensor valve 60W (scale 0-180), closed circuit conderser crystal 4000W (scale 0-180), change-over switch (tune, stand by), coupling arm (scale loose-tight), battery switch, and ten brass terminals. Dials and knobs made of bakelite?. Brass terminals include those for aerial, earth, H.T., L.T., TEL.1 and TEL.2. With ebonite surface in mahogany case with lid. This instrument can be dated to WWI.

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