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Seven-Valve Receiver, by Marconi Company, London, 1920

Inventory Number: 41936

41936-3t 41936-1t 41936-1bt 41936-4t 41936-2t 41936-1at

Date: 1920

Maker Details: Signed by the Marconi Scientific Instrument Co. Ltd.

Inscription: "THE MARCONI / SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENT CO. LTD. / LONDON" on celluloid plaque on top surface.

Size: 410 x 280 x 120 mm

Materials: Teak, ebonite, bakelite?, steel.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 171.


Seven-receiver'>Valve Receiver, in teak case with hinged lid to valve compartment, rotary controls for low frequency and high frequency filaments, wavelength selector, in/out stabliser dial, assorted multiple sockets, and phone sockets for four, six or seven-valve combination. Multiple sockets consist of a pair ("GRID." and "FIL.") and a triple ("L.T. +", "-" and "H.T. +"). Wavelength selector has options of "450", "650", "1200", "1800", "2400", "3000 and upwards".

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