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Marconiphone Receiver Model 235, by Marconiphone Company, England, c. 1935

Inventory Number: 35936

35936-1t 35936-2t

Date: c. 1935

Maker Details: Made by Marconiphone Co. Ltd.

Inscription: "REFERENCE TO THIS INSTRUMENT / QUOTE MODEL NO 235 / & SERIAL NO. 591735" on metal plaque on underside. "G. Marconi [signature trademark]" transfer on upper surface.

Size: 420 x 230 x 240 mm

Materials: Leathercloth, chromium, simulated mother-of pearl

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 90.


Marconiphone Receiver Model 235, in black leathercloth-covered case with chromium-plated bezels to the circular speaker and half-moon LW tuning dial, four chromium-plated knobs (one marked 'S' and one marked 'V'), simulated mother-of-pearl dial and on/off switch on side. Model 235 was a common domestic receiver.

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