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Silver Table Lighter With Case, by Alfred Foster, London, 1912

Inventory Number: 35386

35386-1t 35386-2t 35386-3t

Date: Dated 1912

Maker Details: Made by Alfred Foster.

Inscription: "MARCONI WIRELESS / TELEGRAPH CO. LTD" etched on underside of object. See Documents for other inscriptions.

Size: 95 mm (in height) x 75 mm (in base diameter)

Materials: Silver, bakelite?, marble, velvet, silk, leather.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 756.


Table lighter in the form of disc discharger, on marble base with velvet and silk-lined, leather-covered case. Inscriptions stamped on lid and printed on interior of case. Ladies received a silver pocket scent bottle (Inv. Num. 37413).

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