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Manganin Coils Dial Bridge, by W.G. Pye & Company, Cambridge, Early 20th Century

Inventory Number: 31104

31104-2t 31104-1t

Date: Early 20th Century

Maker Details: Signed by W.G. Pye & Co.

Inscription: "MANGANIN COILS OHMS AT 17 CENT / W.G.PYE & CO. / ENG. / CAMBRIDGE / No 7306" printed on upper exterior surface. "W. G. PYE & CO. CAMBRIDGE / DIAL BRIDGE No 7440-6" printed on celluloid plaque attached to side of case.

Size: 140 x 110 x 90 mm (case, height excluding dials)

Materials: Teak, ebonite, bakelite, brass, copper, celluloid, assorted metals.


Manganin Coils Dial Bridge, with ebonite upper surface, upon teak case. Upper surface lacking screws and so can be removed to reveal various small metal coils on underside, connecting to assorted dials upon upper surface. With six main bakelite dials: four scaled 0-10 and marked "THOUSANDS", "HUNDREDS", "TENS", and "UNITS" respectively. With two upper dials scaled "1000, 100, 10, 1" and "1, 10, 100, 1000" respectively. With various lacquered brass terminals upon upper ebonite surface. With four terminal pairs, marked "For Balancing Resistance", "G1" & "G2", "B1" & "B2", and one pair unmarked; two of these pairs are interjoined with copper connectors. With three individual terminals, marked "SERIES", "SERIES" and "x" respectively. With printed cellouloid plaque upon side of case with circuit diagram marked "DIAL BRIDGE".

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