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Radio Receiver Type BC342N, 1940s

Inventory Number: 28392

28392-1t 28392-2t

Date: 1940s

Maker Details: Unknown

Inscription: None

Size: 460 x 250 x 180 mm (case, excluding dials etc)

Materials: Steel, bakelite, glass, nickel, assorted metals.


Radio Receiver Type BC342N, in enamelled black steel case with side handles, various polished black bakelite controls, and glass-fronted frequency tuning display, upon vertical front panel. Dials include align input, crystal phasing, volume (scale 0-9), cw-osc adjust, vernier (scale 0-9), two fuse dials, fast tuning, mvc/avc, and band change. With send/recieve switch, four lock terminals, two antennae terminals, and five covered terminals (marked "KEY", "MICRO", "SPEAKER / 2ND AUDIO", "PHONES / 2ND AUDIO", PHONES / 2ND AUDIO" respectively). With fuse and power cable at rear. One lock terminal slightly corroded.

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