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Forward 'B' Spark Wavemeter No. 1339, by War Department, Britain, c. 1918

Inventory Number: 22136

22136-1t 22136-2t 22136-3t

Date: c. 1918

Maker Details: Signed by War Department Signals Flying Corps.

Inscription: "W.D.S.F.C. / 1953" etched upon upper surface of wavemeter. "FORWARD SPARK "B" / WAVEMETER / No 1339" printed on lid. "132" stamped into lid near hinge.

Size: 140 x 130 x 130 mm (lid closed)

Materials: Steel, brass, bakelite?, teak, carborundum.

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 130, 843 (white tag).


Forward 'B' Spark Wavemeter, in compact teak case with lid. With carborundum detector, buzzer, rotary receive/send switch, condensor and instructions. With wavelength calibrations on interior surface of lid. Buzzer dated 1918?

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