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Marconi's Oil Righi Oscillator, by Augusto Righi, Bologna, 1895

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Marconi used this spark-gap in Bologna and brought it with him when he came to England in 1896. It was also used in subsequent GPO demonstrations (the mark of Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd would have been added at a later date).

Multiple Oscillators were invented by Heinrich Hertz, and later improved by Augusto Righi. The improved versions were often referred to as 'Righi Oscillators'. Righi was a Professor at the University of Bologna, an expert on Hertzian waves, and a family friend of the Marconi family. Righi first made Marconi aware of Hertzian waves, and Marconi used a Righi Oscillator in his earliest experiments.

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When a high voltage controlled by a Morse key is applied to the oscillator, a discharge takes place across the two outer spark-gaps, but then transfers to the central spark-gap which causes very short Hertzian waves of the order of 25 centimetres to be radiated.

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