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Facsimile Of Fleming Letter, by J.A. Fleming, London, c. 1904

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Letter content is as follows: "[obverse page 1] G. Marconi Esq. D.Sc. L.L.B. / Dear Mr Marconi / I thank you for your / letter of the 28th which reached / me this morning. I only / saw last night in the Paper / an account of the Honours / bestowed upon you by the / University of Glasgow and I / Congratulate you on it. / It must have been a / [reverse page 1] particular gratification to / you to have recieved it at / the hands of Lord Kelvin. / You have been away so / much that I have not had / the opportuninty of a talk / with you about our business / for a long tune. Mr Hall [Managing Director of Chelmsford Works 1901-1908] / sent me all the printed / Evidence in the de Forest / Case and I have read it / (especially yours) with great / Care and send in to the / office a Report which you / [obverse page 2] will no doubt see. / I agree that we have a / very strong case but I / think there are elements / of doubt how far the / Judgement will save a / monopoly of all [underlined] forms of / Hertzian Wave telegraphy / to you, but I hope that / it will do so. I have / been very busy with much / interesting work on Electric / oscillations since last seeing / [reverse page 2] you. I have now an / instrument I call a / Kimmmeter with which I / can measure exactly the / wavelength of Electric waves / up to 1 mile in length. / Also with it I can measure / the inductance of transmitting / jiggers and frequency of sparks. / Also quite lately I have / made another interesting / discovery. I have found / a method of rectifying / [obverse page 3] Electrical oscillations / that is making the flow / of Electricity all in the same / direction so that I can / detect them with an / ordinary minor galvanometer. / I have been receiving signals / on an aerial with nothing / but a minor galvanometer / and my device. But at / present only on a laboratory / [reverse page 3] scale. This opens up a / wide field for work. As / I can now measure exactly / the affect of the transmitter. / I have not mentioned this / to anyone yet as it may / became very useful. / Yours very sincerely / J.A. Fleming [signature]".

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