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Combined Switchboard Type 277 And Fuseboard Type 279, by Marconi Company, England, Early 20th Century

Inventory Number: 17193

17193-2t 17193-1t 17193-3t

Date: Early 20th Century

Maker Details: Signed by the Marconi International Marine Communication Co. Ltd.

Inscription: "M.I.M.C.Co.Ltd. / TYPE 277 / SERIAL No WM 0790" plastic plaque on upper switchboard. "M.I.M.C.Co.Ltd. TYPE 279" on lower fuseboard.

Size: 460 x 405 x 290 mm (excluding switches and fuses)

Materials: Steel, metal, glass, nickel, bakelite

Other Given Number(s): Christie's 101, Science Museum Loan 1960-262, 986 (white tag).


Combined Switchboard Type 277 And Fuseboard Type 279, on upper black polished metal? vertical surface in black steel frame with ten lampholders and assorted wires and components at rear. Switchboard Type 277 has three glass-fronted ampmeters (marked Amperes High Tension, Amperes Low Tension and Amperes) and a glass-fronted voltmeter. Also with no.1 charge discharge, no.2 charge discharge, emergency pilot, low charge dual switches, and polarity changer, battery and High Tension charge triple switches. Most switches with bakelite handles. Fuseboard Type 279 has five pairs of nickel-plated fuses marked mains, High Tension, Low Tension, No.1/No.2 and cells, on lower black polished metal? vertical surface.

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