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S. E. Marchesi Marconi, by Sir Max Beerbohm, London, 1931

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"S. E. Marchesi Marconi Max 1931" signed on front of paper. "THE / Piccadilly / Gallery / 16a Cork Street, London, W. 1. / MAYfair 2875 / Artist Max Beerbohm / Title S. E. Marchesi Marconi / Purchaser The Marconi Co. Ltd. / Date 1. 7. 1964" printed on paper label on back of the frame. "ERNEST BROWN & PHILIPS, LTD. / The Leicester Galleries / Leicester Square, LONDON, W. C. 2 / TELEPHONE 3375 WHITEHALL / Fine Art Publishers / Pictures, Drawings and Engravings / Framing, Mounting and Gilding / Pictures and Engravings Cleaned and Restored / Works of Art Purchased" printed on paper on back of the frame. "EXHIBITION OF WORKS BY / SIR MAX BEERBOHM / HELD AT THE LEICESTER GALLERIES, / LEICESTER SQUARE , LONDON / May 1952 / No. 32. / Title S. E. Marchesi Marconi. 1931. / Purchaser Miss A. Balthazzar." printed on paper on back of the frame.

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Max Beerbohm (1872-1956) was an English caricaturist as well as a writer. Having educated at Oxford, in 1910 he moved to and settled in Italy where he drew and wrote his works. Leicester Gallery in London was one of the regular places where he exhibited his works. His caricatures were drawn in pen or pencil with watercolour tinting. His simplicity of lines and a lightness of touch were most celebrated. His subjects were often people from earlier times that suggested some sense of nostalgia.

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In this watercolour, Beerbohm also depicts Marconi as a melancholic old scientist in the air of nostalgia. In this picture, Marconi is not energetically engaging with his works at his work desk, but he is standing quietly in front of a cluttered desk. He is not holding pens or his inventions, but looking at far away outside of the picture. The empty background almost represents the status of his empty mind.

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