Let’s Get Geeky
Every Sunday from 6 April – 28 September, 2.30-4.30pm
Get your hands on some geek gadget history in volunteer-led handling sessions every Sunday.

Chaucer and the Astrolabe
Saturday 24 May, 2.30pm
Was Geoffrey Chaucer really geek? Find out what he wrote about the most universal of medieval scientific instruments.

Numbers by Machine
Saturday 7 June, 2.30pm
Discover the workings of the first successful calculator – the desktop arithmometer.

Oxford Geek Night #36
Wednesday 11 June,7-10pm
The Museum of the History of Science opened its doors for a special Oxford Geek Night on Wednesday 11 June. It was a great evening of talks and drinks sponsored by Haybrook IT, and co-curated by Torchbox & the Museum of the History of Science.

Calling all Geeks
Thursday 28 – Friday 29 August, 1-4pm
Check out geeky activities with the special exhibition and enter the geek competition. Suitable for ages 7 upwards.

The Robot Telescope
Saturday 18 October, 2.30pm
Peter Ells presents the extraordinary family story of an amateur astronomer and his robotic telescope – all computer-controlled by a 1980s BBC Micro.

Geek Out!
Saturday 6 December, 10-5pm
The “Geek is Good” exhibition may have gone, but it’s not forgotten. Join us for a day of retro-gaming with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and the BBC Micro. The finale of the day will be Matt Westcott ’s fulfi llment of a 32-year computing challenge – to recreate Mahler’s First Symphony for an orchestra of Sinclair Spectrums!

Curator-led tours of the exhibition.
18 May / 15 June / 27 July / 14 September / 2 November