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Abel Evans
Vertumnus. An Epistle to Mr. Jacob Bobart, Botany Professor to the University of Oxford, and Keeper of the Physick-Garden
Oxford, 1713
8 in 4s: p 2 AD
Gough Oxf. 109(11)


The entrance to the Physic Garden of the University of Oxford. The arch was dedicated to Charles I and to the Earl of Danby, whose gift to the University in 1621 allowed the Garden to be established. Before the entrance stands a figure which can be identified as Jacob Bobart, the first holder of the post of gardener. Catalogue no.22, frontispiece.

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This poem, which was composed in honour of the younger Jacob Bobart (16411719) by Abel Evans of St Johns College, contains several references to the elder Bobart. Its frontispiece shows a figure standing before the archway at the entrance to the Physic Garden, which, from its dress, beard and features, can be identified as the elder Bobart, depicted here with a staff and serpent, in the manner of the Greek god of healing, Asclepius.

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