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Learning Resources

The following resources are available online or as downloadable documents in pdf format which will require Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar pdf reader.




Animate It

AnimateItBanner150ppi2 [1]

Animate It [1] presents a series of short films that demonstrate working scientific instruments from the Museum’s collection. All are on permanent display but for conservation reasons would not normally be handled or demonstrated in public.

Multimedia Resources

The Museum’s multimedia resources [2] include a virtual tour [3] of the Museum, downloadable audio guides [4], videos [5], podcasts [6] of talks at the Museum, and animations [7], all of which can be used to support self-guided visits and pre- and post-visit material.

Science and Islam

Science and Islam is a learning resource which includes an online version of a temporary exhibition of objects from the Museum’s collection of Islamic instruments, and a set of teaching resources for Science, Mathematics, and Art.

Science and Islam exhibition [8]

Science and Islam resources for teaching and learning [9]

The Renaissance Globe Project

The Renaissance Globe Project [10] includes resources for exploring globes in the collection, downloadable and video resources for making your own model globe, and other ideas and information.

Globes in the Collection [11]

Make a model globe [12]

Discover the earliest printed celestial globe – see this video [13]

Art Teaching Resources

To find out more about art visits to the Museum and art teaching resources, see Art Teaching Resources [14].