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17. Excavation Finds: Crucible Fragments with Cobalt Residue, English... 18. Excavation Finds: Retort, English or Northern Europe, ?18th... 19. Excavation Finds: Copper Alloy Vial, English or Northern Europe,... 20. Printed Map (Engraving, Coloured) Showing Meteorological and... 21. Printed Map (Engraving, Colour-Printed) Showing Meteorological... 22. Wood-Framed Lantern Slide (Hand-Painted) of the Polish Uprising,... 23. Marconi radio model 851 (serial no 203243) 24. Excavation Finds: Open Crucible with Pouring Lip, English or... 25. Excavation Finds: Crucible, 'Hessian' Type, English or Northern...