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14. Dried Seeds 15. Anatomical Preparation of Skin of Excecuted Criminal at Newgate 16. Floorboard Finds: 'Fluffy' Dust Sample in Plastic Pot 17. Floorboard Finds: Posies and Flowers 18. Large Dried Seed 19. Anatomical Preparation of Skin Tattooed Bushman Style 20. Tray of Miscellaneous Microscope Accessories 21. Compound Microscope in Case with Accessories, by Powell & Lealand,... 22. Compound Microscope in Case with Accessories, by Smith & Beck,... 23. Anatomical Preparation of a Dry Specimen of Half a Rib Cage... 24. Bladder with Brass Stopcock, English, Mid-19th Century 25. Glass Jar with Shells, 19th Century