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Photograph (Daguerreotype) of Sir George Everest and Two Other Men with Scientific Instruments, c.1850

preview image for Photograph (Daguerreotype) of Sir George Everest and Two Other Men with Scientific Instruments, c.1850
Inventory Number: 94483
Object Type:
Persons: Sir George Everest (Subject)
Date Created:
Accession Number: 1949-10
Brief Description: Daguerreotype portrait of three scientific men, one of them Sir George Everest, posed as if examining an instrument on a table; presumably it is an Everest theodolite. A globe and telescope are on the floor. The men are: (left) Sir George Everest, seated full length in profile, facing to right; (centre) an unidentified man seated at the table, his lower half obscured, his hands on the table, looking at the instrument; (right) an unidentified man standing full length, leaning forward slightly, his left arm supported on the table. Painted backdrop including bookshelves and curtains. Enclosed and cased.

Wooden case covered in thin wine-red leather, relief decorated and somewhat domed on front but plain on back, with gold tooling around internal borders. Decorated velvet internal pad, faded from red to pale amber or fawn (loose). Pinchbeck frame and decorated oval mat. Two hook clasps.

Everest's pose is similar to that adopted in other portraits of him. The false bookshelves and the carpeted step at the bottom of the image indicate that the photograph was taken in a studio. The other men are perhaps colleagues associated either with his surveying work in India or with the development of the instrument.
Primary Inscriptions: Scratched on back of plate: 'Hone' (or 'Hore'). Pencilled on back of velvet pad a monogram 'TB' [probably a case maker].
Provenance: Presented by the Executors of G. H. Gabb in 1949.
Collection Group: Gabb Collection
Material(s): Copper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
108 83 mm


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Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/94483