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Solar Microscope in Box, by Banks, London, c. 1816

preview image for Solar Microscope in Box, by Banks, London, c. 1816
Inventory Number: 54589
Object Type: Object
Persons: Banks
Date Created: circa 1816
Place Created: 441 Strand London United Kingdom (England) Europe
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Brief Description: Solar Microscope, manufactured by Banks. The slide holder consists of an outer cylinder with shaped slots for lenses and a threaded mounting for a lens at the end, an inner cylinder which holds the spring stage and a rack and pinion for focusing (.1). This assembly fits on the end of the body that has a condenser lens at its widest end where it screws to the back plate (.2). A rectangular mirror is mounted on the rear of the plate. Its position is adjusted by two winged screws (.3). The slide holder can be replaced with a box for opaque specimens (.4).
The accessories are two condenser lenses in copper alloy slides , with inscriptions "3 & 4" and "5 & 6". "1 & 2" are missing (.5). An ivory talc box (.6), two shutter screws (.7), stage forceps on a steel pin with a black and white ivory disk (.8), a sectioned cylinder with spring points to hold opaque specimens (.9), a copper alloy sleeve for a wet cell (.10), copper alloy forceps (.11), a copper alloy holder for opaque sliders (.12), four trays for opaque sliders with ten sliders present (.13), set of six condenser lenses in copper alloy slide (.14), two ivory sliders (.15). Accessories are stored in a wooden box with green felt lined internal supports. Box has a presentation plaque attached to lid (.16).
Primary Inscriptions: "Banks, Inst. Maker to the PRINCE REGENT. 441. Strand, London."
Provenance: Brass plate on lid of box states "Presented to John Ayrton Paris. M.D. By James Hussey Esqr. of Salisbury, As a Testimony of the Grateful Sense which He entertains of his Professional Services. and Attention during a long Illness. January the 9th 1816. Died January the 10th 1816
Collection Group:
Material(s): Wood
Copper alloy

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