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Framed Photograph (Gelatine Print) of Edwin Quekett's House, 50 Wellclose Square, London, ?1920s

Inventory Number: 95388
Object Type:
Brief Description: Photograph of 50 Wellclose Square (the house where the Microscopical Society of London, afterwards the Royal Microscopical Society, was founded in 1839) and documents. From the former Museum display relating to the RMS. The prints are framed with the image of 50 Wellclose Square at the top and the two documents below. The documents are gelatine prints of a document dated December 20 1839 and relates to the formation of the society with named members. The back is sealed with brown packing paper and tape. copper alloy alloy eye hook and hanging wire.
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Material(s): Photographic Materials
Gold or Slag Metal
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
640 530 25 mm


Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/95388