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Compound Microscope, Accessories and Case by J. B. Dancer, Manchester, c. 1860

preview image for Compound Microscope, Accessories and Case by J. B. Dancer, Manchester, c. 1860
Inventory Number: 52173
Object Type: Object
Place Created: Manchester England United Kingdom Europe
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Accession Number: 1961-138/61
Brief Description: Compound microscope by J. B. Dancer, in wooden case with accessories and specimens. The monocular body tube of the microscope is mounted on a rack and pinion, for focusing on the shaped limb. A screw for fine focusing is set at the lower end of the body. This acts on a lever which moves the nose. The Huygenian eyepiece pushes into a drawtube which pushes into the body. The limb is held on trunnions on two pillars. These stand on a disc on the flat tripod base. The mechanical stage is attached to the limb at the level of the trunnions. Three knobs adjust the position of the stage plate on which is a shelf to support specimens and a pinhole for accessories. A mounting carrying rotating disk with four apertures attaches beneath the stage by a bayonet fitting. A cylindrical post extends below the stage and a sliding sleeve supports the plano-concave mirror in a horseshoe mount.
The wooden case also contains a condenser lens on a steel pin mounted on a brass stand with a circular base, as well as eight drawers which contain the smaller accessories and a large amount of specimen samples. The first drawer contains a scalpel and a steel pin with ivory handles, brass forceps, stage forceps with a cork disk set in a brass mount on a steal pin, a live box mounted on a brass plate, a second Huygenian eyepiece, a crystal analyser and a crystal polarizer, both set in brass, two objectives and a cone shaped aperture stop. The second drawer contains forty-four bone sliders, three live boxes on a brass plate, a brass wet cell, forty specimens wrapped in paper, five unused glass slides and two mica cover slips. The third drawer contains four square wooden slides labelled ‘TOPAZ’, ‘QUARTZ’, ‘NITRE’ AND ‘CALC SPAR’, eight rectangular glass slides, three of which are covered in red and gold decorative paper, and a piece of cloth. The forth drawer contains eight pieces of glass, mainly roughly cut, which contain mould growth on the surface and one small metal screw. The fifth drawer contains nine glass slides, one of which is coved in decorative red and gold paper and one is a double thickness slide secured with string. Eight of the glass slides contain specimens and one is a microphotograph of Notre Dame. The sixth drawer contains ten glass slides, two of which are decorated with red paper and two are decorated with green paper, along with thirty-two glass disks, seventeen glass squares and one mica disk, some of which are wrapped in paper. The seventh drawer contains a copper alloy double ended eyepiece, three large glass slides containing samples of gallic acid, pyrogalllic acid and salicine wrapped in paper, four samples of wood slices wrapped in paper, a rectangular glass slide and a roughly cut glass disk. The eighth drawer contains over a hundred pieces of mica, mainly rectangular in shape, some of which are loose but the majority are wrapped in paper. There is also a loose brown paper parcel tied with brown string and with the handwritten inscription ‘Slides for microscope’.
Provenance: Transferred from the Department of Geology & Mineralogy
Collection Group:
Material(s): Copper alloy


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