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Photograph (Collodion Glass Negative) of the Moon, by Warren De la Rue, August 11, 1865

Inventory Number: 36760
Object Type:
Persons: Warren De la Rue
Date Created: 1865
Brief Description: Collodion glass negative, with cover-glass and mat with circular aperture, wood framed in the manner of a lantern slide. The Moon at 20 days, photographed with De la Rue's 13-inch reflector with a 14-second exposure. Good surface detail. The moon's disc is 1 and an eight inches (29mm) diameter. Martinus Hoek (1834-1873), professor of astronomy at Utrecht and best known for his study of comets, was presumably visiting the private observatory of De la Rue, who was England's foremost astronomical and lunar photographer at the time; the 13-inch reflector later came to the University Observatory, Oxford.
Primary Inscriptions: Various inscriptions scratched on the negative, including '1865' and 'in presence of Prof Hoek'; dot labels on mat inscribed '20 days' and '1865 Aug.11. 14 sec'.
Provenance: Transferred from the University Observatory, Oxford.
Collection Group: University Observatory Collection
Material(s): Glass
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
102 178 mm

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Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/36760