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Cuff-Type Microscope with Screw-Barrel Microscope and Accessories, by George Adams, London, Mid 18th Century

preview image for Cuff-Type Microscope with Screw-Barrel Microscope and Accessories, by George Adams, London, Mid 18th Century
Inventory Number: 36677
Object Type: Object
Persons: George Adams
Date Created:
Place Created: 60 Fleet Street London United Kingdom (England) Europe
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Accession Number: 1925-43?
Brief Description: Cuff-type microscope with accessories and a case.

The copper alloy instrument stands on a plate, with a shaped supporting strut, on a box base. The pillar consists of two bars held together with brackets, standing in a boss. The front bar is static and holds the stage. The rear bar holds an arm supporting the body and can be moved up and down by a vertical screw for focusing. The cruciform stage is inscribed with the maker's name and address and has a keyhole slot and a spring fitting for accessories. The body rests in a copper alloy ring. The upper section has an eyepiece and field lenses and a blackened eyecup with a sliding dust cover. The narrower lower tube has an external thread to take objectives. A circular spring stage pushes into the stage hole. A concave mirror is mounted on a disk at the centre of the top of the base, which is mahogany and has a drawer for accessories. The drawer contains six objectives, each with a removable lens aperture cup; a bull's-eye lens on a copper alloy post; a cone condenser; copper alloy forceps; stage forceps with a black and white disk; a lens in a blackened ivory setting and a lens in an ebony setting with an external thread; a Lieberkühn in a can; a Lieberkühn carrier; a glass stage disk; four glass slides wrapped in paper; six ivory sliders with specimens; a specimen mounted in plaster; and the key to the case. The box base has a plate with Greek writing. Two labels with information are also present inside the case.

The pyramid case is mahogany with a copper alloy carrying handle. A drawer at the bottom of the case holds copper alloy forceps; an ivory talc box containing thin glass plates and metal brackets for use in slides; two lenses with ivory settings and removable ivory handles; two copper alloy plates with three holes and two mill-edged screws that fit them; two live boxes; and a fishplate. There is also a copper alloy screw-barrel microscope; six eye lenses, four of which have lens caps; three lenses in copper alloy dovetail mounts; two glass phials containing cotton wool; a stirring wire.

(.1: Microscope stand; .2: Body of microscope; .3: Mirror; .4: 6x objectives; .5: Bull's eye lens; .6: cone condenser; .7: forceps; .8: stage forceps; .9: 2x lenses; .10: Lieberkühn; .11: Lieberkühn carrier; .12: glass stage disc; .13: 4x glass slides; .14: 6x ivory slides; .15: specimen; .16: key; .17: case; .18: forceps; 19: talc box; .20: 2x lenses with ivory settings and handles; .21: copper alloy plates with screws; .22: fishplate; .23: screw barrel microscope; .24: 6x lenses; .25: 3x lenses in dovetail mounts; .26: 2x glass phials; .27: stirring wire; .28: 2x live boxes.)
Primary Inscriptions: "G. Adams at No 60 Fleet Street LONDON" on the stage
Provenance: Lent by Christ Church, Oxford possibly in 1925.
Collection Group:
Material(s): Mahogany
Copper alloy
Blackened Ivory


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