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Set of Geometric Solids, English, c. 1700

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Inventory Number: 21777
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Place Created: United Kingdom (England) Europe
Accession Number: 1925-43
Brief Description: English set of geometric solids made of boxwood, with a mahogany box. Unsigned and undated; c.1700.
A loose piece of paper, inside the box is inscribed: "D. D. Francisus Burke A. M. Alumnus".

This "... Sett of Sollid Bodys ...", as Thomas Wright called it in his catalogue of 1731, includes 3 tetrahedrons, 10 cubes of various sizes, 3 bisected cubes, 5 quarters and 1 eighth of a cube, 1 octahedron, 2 dodecahedrons, 2 icosahedrons, 2 conic sections, 1 dissected scalene prism, and 1 prismatic body.
Sets of this sort were used for teaching and learning geometry.
Provenance: Lent by Christ Church, Oxford in 1925. Associated with Francisus Burke A.M. Alumnus.
Collection Group: Orrery Collection
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
620 102 74 mm


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