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Wooden Case Containing Lighting Accessories

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Inventory Number: 15611
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Brief Description: Wooden case contains two compartments. The lower compartment contains 37 glass plates mounted upright, some of them discs, some square. The upper compartment contains 5 glass Fresnel lenses and a stack of 15 clear glass wedges. The case also contains a small wooden box with hinged lid containing 3 tubes of an unknown substance, 4 metal connecters and a small collection of rubber rings of various sizes.
Primary Inscriptions: Handwritten inscription to outside of case 'German Stores. I.V.G.4 / 22 / To Army Medical Stores / Woolwich / ENGLAND. Sect V.B / From. V8 / B.D.M.S.'
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Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/15611